Small Cell and
COW/COLT/NOW Deployments

Telecommunications coverage in areas with limited access will require solutions with smaller footprints and rapid deployment. NeoCom, one of the top telecom tower companies in Atlanta, Georgia, installs small cells and temporary telecom towers to cover these areas, including Cell on Wheel (COW) deployments, Cell on Light Trailer (COLT) deployments and Node on Wheels (NOW) deployments. Here are just a few of our recent installations:

Our Work

A large mobile carrier

  • 4G small cell deployment in Greater Atlanta with more than 200 small cells installed on power poles
  • 5G small cell trial at a site in Raleigh, N.C.

A major telecommunications company

  • COW deployments at an electronic music festival, a women’s golf championship in Atlanta, a rental company, temporary rooftop relocations and various customer events

Case Study

Our wide-ranging expertise has helped us provide innovative solutions to our clients’ problems.



Increasing telecommunications capacity for the hundreds of thousands of users attending an electronic music festival and a women’s golf event in Atlanta.


Deploy multiple temporary towers, along with microwave backhaul, to increase the capacity for the increased customer demand.

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